Stargazer Cable Assembly Pte Ltd.

We have extreme versatility in our engineering and operation capabilities. As a result, there is a wide range of specifications that we have the capabilities to fulfil. Whereas competing companies typically focus on a limited array of specifications, we can fulfil the vast majority of customer requests that we receive.

With a combined work force and factory floor space of 820 personnel and 8,600 square meters respectively, and vast amount of automated and semi-automated cutting, stripping, crimping, moulding, soldiering and testing machines, we have plenty of capacity to operate efficiently and are able to pass down the savings to our valued clients. Operating in a business-friendly, forward-focused countries in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, we are able to remain competitive in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle low to moderate volumes for companies of all sizes.



We produce a range of highly-customised products for customers in niche markets.



We strive to shorten lead time, ensure fast turnaround with best effort in our supply chain to keep your lines running.


With responsive customer service, highly skilled engineers, innovative production process and methodology, we are agile and flexible.


We provide competitive prices with no compromise on quality, ensure only fully tested products are shipped, committed to customer satisfaction.